relationship_blog_julie_orlov_depressionMost people see depression as something painful, something to avoid. What we often miss, is the gift that depression offers us. Depression is a manifestation of something of which we need to be mindful. Depression has an important message we need to hear. It may be telling you something like…

You are grieving a loss and need time to mourn,

You are feeling angry and need to communicate something and set a boundary,

You are having trouble letting go of a hurt and forgiving,

You are living a life that is out of alignment with your values and aspirations,

You are in denial that something or a relationship with someone is not working,

You have a substance abuse, addiction, medical or mental condition that requires professional attention,

You are not owning your choices and instead, feel like a victim,

You are not making yourself and your well-being a priority,

You are mistreating others and/or tolerating mistreatment from others and are out of integrity.

If you relate to any of the above statements, take the time to reflect on what your depression is telling you. This is a perfect time of year to set a new direction for yourself and your life. This is the time to reclaim your integrity and personal power. Now is the time to set new goals and take action!

If you find yourself struggling with how to look honestly within and the courage to make changes, you don’t have to struggle alone. I’m here to help. I provide personalized counseling and coaching. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive the support and guidance you deserve. You don’t need to wait. You can begin the process today. Contact me at 310-379-5855 or email me to schedule an appointment and start creating the life you choose today.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday season and a transformational new year.

Be well,