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“I’m committed to achieving real results and success for you. Let’s get started!”
-Julie Orlov

Build strong and intimate relationships.

Create meaningful relationships and a fulfilling life.

My philosophy is to apply a working approach that best meets your specific needs. While my immediate goal is to alleviate pain and conflict, the ultimate goal is for you to leave treatment fully empowered with insights and skills that allow you to create meaningful relationships and a fulfilling life.

Julie Orlov is a powerful change agent. Her ability to connect and work with people of diverse backgrounds and staff positions, enable the process of transformation to occur.

Julie simplifies complex psychological theories and enables you to heal past wounds and improve your relationships.

Create intimacy and transform your relationships through self-discovery.

More about Julie

I Believe People want to be seen, validated, understood, and loved for who they truly are.  That’s all we need in order to grow and flourish; this is the food for our hearts and souls.

My passion is people. I knew at a very young age I had an ability to connect and communicate well with others. I began my career as a clinical social worker, working with individuals, couples and families in a private practice setting. I learned early on that whether you are having trouble getting out of bed in the morning or feel like you’ll never have the love in your life that you want, feeling heard, understood, and accepted is what opens the door to your new life.

People need to be accepted and loved for who they are. So my goal is not to change you into someone that you’re not. My goal is for you to understand, accept and love yourself for who you truly are. That is where your power lives.

I have worked with thousands of people in both personal and professional capacities. I have coached executives, helped build high performing teams, and trained thousands of people on how to create relationships that thrive and grow—at home, in the workplace, and out in the community. Your relationships hold the key to unleashing your personal power and well-being. In other words, when you have relationships in your life that work, everything in your life works better.

Thus, The Pathway to Love books and programs were born.

I took my 24 years of formal and informal lifelong learning, including my education and personal and professional experiences, and created a developmental model for creating fulfilling relationships. You will learn how relationships grow from the first moment you meet someone to creating a loving, powerful, and transformational relationship in four phases. You’ll learn how to get there, what you need to know and do along the way, and what gifts await you as you navigate through the four phases. My goal is to provide you with a process and tools that you can apply to all your relationships, anytime, anywhere.

As a trainer, I know that everyone learns in their own unique ways. That is why I developed a variety of products and services from which to choose. Some of you prefer to read, some of you prefer to write, some of you prefer to listen, some of you prefer to watch, and some of you need that experiential and personal touch. That is why I developed books, workbooks, audio guides, videos, and seminars/coaching programs to meet your individual needs. As a psychotherapist, I learned early on that my goal is to “be out of business.” What I mean by that is my job is to empower you as quickly as possible so that you take on your own life with confidence and gusto!

My passion is people. The Pathway to Love books, programs and services provide an opportunity for people to grow and thrive within the context of human relationships.

My mission is to help create a global community in which we are all committed to each other’s well-being.

My formal education includes holding a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Chapman University, a master’s degree in social work from University of Southern California, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of California, Los Angeles. I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the American Society of Training and Development, Los Angeles, where I served as the 2010 president on the board of directors. I have also served as foundation chair for KindredSPIRITS, a humanitarian organization located in San Pedro, California.

I have been blessed with many people who have taught me life lessons, shown me myself, and illuminated my way. A special thank you goes to my two daughters who have been my greatest teachers in unconditional acceptance and love. I look forward to passing these gifts on to you.

“You will wonder at times how she knew about you and a particular significant other because she seems to describe you and the relationship to a T. And, when you read the last page you will wish you had read it years and a number of relationships earlier. “
Irene Conlan
“Julie simplifies complex psychological theories and enables you to heal past wounds and improve your relationships.”
Jacqueline Mills, PsyD, psychoanalyst and relational somatic psychotherapist

To schedule your consulting or psychotherapy session contact me at jorlov@julieorlov.com
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