What Grade Does Your Business Earn?


Most businesses are reactive in nature. That is, they respond to external or internal crises by making changes in order to restore the performance and productivity to previous levels of functioning. Profitable businesses will develop a strategic business plan and put processes in place that work towards achieving those business goals.

However, highly successful businesses are even more proactive in nature. They consistently assess for efficiency and effectiveness to preempt any possible obstacles that may detract them from achieving their next level of success. These businesses are in a continuous quality improvement process. They seek change from within and work to forecast changes from without.

My questionnaire enables you to assess for efficiency and effectiveness in your business environment. You will identify which areas of your business require attention. The questionnaire acts as a guide so that you can make the necessary changes in order to take your business to the next level. Click on the button below, download the questionnaire, then read each statement and mark the answer that best reflects your business environment.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, go to the last page and see what grade your business earns. Contact me for a consultation so we can review your results and I can help you take the necessary steps to success.


Click here to find out “What Grade Does Your Business Earn?” Find out now!

Your Benefits

  • Increased Retention of Valued Employees
  • High Performing Teams and Individuals
  • Empowered Workforce that requires less supervision
  • Learning Organization that promotes on-going development
  • Alignment between Individual and Organizational Goals
  • Success in Achieving Goals
  • Greater Core Competencies
  • Diversity that promotes a competitive edge
  • A culture of Trust and Collaboration
  • A fun working environment that promotes work-life balance

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