Today’s question deals with how difficult it can be to forgive someone who has hurt or disappointed you. This video Q&A talks about the power of forgiveness, how to move from anger and defensiveness toward forgiveness and why it will set you free!

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The Art of Forgiveness

When someone or something has done you wrong, it is easy to get lost in feeling hurt, disappointed, angry, and betrayed. It is easy to feel foolish, stupid and just plain resistant to the notion of “forgive and forget.” We erroneously believe that when we hold on to our feelings and beliefs about what was done to us, we hold on to our power. Furthermore, we believe that if our “perpetrator” is punished or pays enough restitution, we will find our way to feeling satisfied that justice has been served.

Ironically, neither is true. Revenge can be a bottomless pit. And holding on to anger and hurt simply drains you from your power rather than restoring it.

The only way out is through forgiveness. When we forgive, we take back our power. We find peace of mind. We use our energy in ways that serve us and leave the person that hurt us with the space to deal with his actions and her issues, as opposed to you and your emotional reaction. In other words, forgiveness restores power and responsibility where it belongs, respectively.

So the next time you are faced with finding your way toward forgiveness, here are some thoughts to consider.

Most people have good intentions. Their good intentions may have gotten lost in the translation of their actions. Look to their intentions and understand everyone makes mistakes.

You may have had more to do with your emotional, psychic or physical injury than you think. Seek within and see what role, if any, you played. Then forgive yourself as well.

If someone’s intentions were not good, then try to see the pain and sorrow from which those intentions and actions arose. People who intentionally harm another person have a lot of pain, anger, hurt, and sorrow within. Compassion does not mean you condone anything. It simply makes your heart more full of light and your life more full of love.

The energy you use to withhold forgiveness is wasted energy. When the time is right, let go. Reclaim your energy so it can be used in more valuable ways.

So the next time you are faced with the choice of bitterness or forgiveness, give forgiveness a try. I promise you, forgiveness is the best form of revenge you can have.

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