Julie Orlov

Offers Keynotes, Workshops, Breakout Sessions and Retreats.

JULIE ORLOV, MAOL, MSW, LCSW, author of The Pathway to Love, draws on more than 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist, executive coach, speaker and consultant to show how your relationships hold the key to unleashing your personal power, freedom, and well-being.

A sought-after speaker, facilitator, and agent of change, Julie uses the art of storytelling to bring her concepts to life in a way that is engaging and life-changing. Participants take away concrete communication tools that can be used immediately to improve their relationships at home and work and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the significant people in their lives. You’ll leave her presentations inspired and motivated to navigate your relationships successfully toward a life filled with joy, love, health and well-being.

Julie Orlov also provides customized programs to meet your specific needs.

The Pathway to Love: Create Intimacy and Transform Your Relationships through Self-Discovery

In her dynamic, keynote presentation, Julie Orlov reveals how relationships grow from beginnings to true intimacy in four phases. She will not only empower you to create the relationship you want but demonstrates how your relationships mirror what you need to see, thereby providing the perfect conditions to heal, grow, and transform.

Communicating with Intention

No one likes having difficult conversations. Everyone wants to be heard and understood but it’s easy to get caught up in defensiveness and wanting to be right. In this breakthrough talk, Julie shows you how to focus on what you want to convey and what results you want to produce before you speak, especially when it comes to important discussions. You’ll learn why your intentions must always lead the way, regardless of what words you choose. Whether you are relating to someone at work, at home, or in your greater community, learning to communicate with intention is a must!

Reclaiming Your Power

Success comes from making decisions and taking action from a place of power, and genuine power is created by establishing healthy boundaries. To accomplish this, you first need to identify the values, needs, and goals that comprise your boundaries. This presentation is highly participative, and you’ll learn a specific process for “Reclaiming Your Power.”


Offered as Keynotes, Workshops, Breakout Sessions and Retreats.

Leading from the Heart, the Mind and the Soul

In this dynamic and interactive presentation, Julie Orlov engages the entire human being, utilizing the individual’s full potential to motivate, inspire and empower individuals and teams while driving the organization towards greater success, profitability and accomplishment.

Tapping into the Power of Teams

Julie will show your teams how to leverage their diversity, develop a powerful purpose, create a synergetic working approach and take their performance to the next level. Through engaging activities and open discussions, strengths are highlighted, obstacles are identified, barriers are broken down and the opportunity to create a new way of working together is achieved.


Conflicts are part of life – and part of relationships – but when you’re in conflict with someone, it often turns into a power struggle and disconnection. Using Julie’s unique STOP, LOOK and LISTEN method, you’ll learn how to create trust, creativity and connection from conflicting moments.

How to Move Your Immoveable Objects

Change is occurring at an accelerated rate in most organizations today. This program guides you in creating a change management plan and gives you the tools to help move yourself and your staff from resistance to commitment in real time.

Julie Orlov draws on more than 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist, executive coach, speaker and consultant to show you how your leaders and teams can drive results with
passion, purpose and power.

Participants take away concrete tools that can be used immediately to improve their effectiveness at work while gaming a deeper understanding of themselves and the people in their lives. You’ll leave her presentations inspired and motivated to navigate successfully toward a life filled with joy, accomplishment and well-being!

A personal note from Julie

Do your relationships enhance your life or drain you? When your relationships work, everything in your life works better, and my breakthrough talks will empower you, your employees, members and congregants with the know-how to create powerful transfor­mational relationships that make your organization, business and community thrive. I partner with every client, developing you and your organization from a systemic and holistic perspective. This comprehensive approach creates a working environment where barriers are broken down, open expressions of ideas are encouraged, differences are valued, and trust is high. This inevitably leads to increased collaboration, perfor­mance and achievement of goals.

I want you to achieve real results and I am committed to your success. Let’s get started!

“Julie Orlov’s presentation style is energetic and engaging—she gets the audience involved so that her suggestions and direction can be tailored to the needs of the audience she is trying to reach.”
Karen Holt, Bezaire and Associates
“Julie is an elegant speaker who gives good practical advice on all kinds of relationships. Her years of study and practice are apparent in the content of her talk and her delivery is very professional. I would highly recommend Julie . . . ”
Bev Conover, Church Administrator, Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living
“Julie Orlov is a talented facilitator, diagnostician, teacher and agent of change.”
Louise Langerud, LMFT, director of training, clinical, and quality management, Life Steps Foundation
“Julie has worked with my teaching staff on building positive working relationships. She presents ideas in such thoughtful and creative ways that our staff immediately responds by trying out new strategies together. Julie’s ability to build community and trust amongst participants in her trainings is an essential part of being an effective teacher.”
Anita de la Puente, Director, The Growing Place

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