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The Pathway To Love

Create Intimacy and Transform Your Relationships
through Self-Discovery.

Experience how relationships grow from fantasy to real love in four phases. Through the art of storytelling, you will learn the issues, tasks, and gifts that are available in each phase of the developing relationship. This book not only empowers you to create the relationship you want, but demonstrates how your relationships mirror back what you need to see, thereby providing the perfect conditions to heal, grow, and transform.

In The Pathway to Love you will:

  • Distinguish real love from fantasy, including the different ways we express and receive love.
  • Understand the issues and gifts inherent in each phase of your developing relationships.
  • Transform your reactions into understanding and acceptance of yourself and others.
  • Enhance your interpersonal relationships, improve your relationships at work, and feel better about yourself.

This book demonstrates how your relationships hold the key to unleashing your personal power, freedom and well-being. Whether you’re single or married, in a new or long-term relationship or looking for one, there is a pathway toward more understanding, acceptance and love.

Discover the secrets to creating more understanding, acceptance and love through your relationships.

Order your copy of today and experience the difference tomorrow.

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*The Pathway To Love Gold Package” Includes: The book, workbook and audio guide in hard and digital copies as well as two bonus recordings from interviews and presentations, PLUS a private one hour coaching call with Julie.

**The Pathway To Love Program” Includes: The book, workbook and audio guide in hard and digital copies as well as two bonus recordings from interviews and presentations.  

“This is a little book with a gigantic message. It’s “little” because it’s small enough to fit in your hands comfortably – and that’s a good thing because you won’t want to put it down. Before you begin to read it, make a commitment to yourself to read it thoughtfully and reflectively.

You will gain valuable insights into how to help a relationship move forward and become what Orlov describes in phase four as “Relating to your relationship as a living, breathing, life force in and of itself.

This book should be read by everyone who wants a truly loving, lasting relationship. It should be read together by every couple planning to get married and the workbook should be completed and reviewed together – before the wedding.”
–Irene Conlan

“Julie simplifies complex psychological theories and enables you to heal past wounds and improve your relationships.”
Jacqueline Mills, PsyD, psychoanalyst and relational somatic psychotherapist
“Knowing is not doing! This workbook is your path to actually doing what Julie teaches. Like any great guide, the workbook takes your hand and shows you the step-by-step, self-discovery process to reach your relationship destination. I encourage you to start your journey today.”
Dave Jensen, Executive Coach and Educator,
“Insightful, practical, heartfully and psychologically sound, The Pathway to Love provides the steppingstones to creating genuine love in your life.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation, ~Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential
“The workbook is filled with excellent exercises and explanations that cause real reflection and revelation – a first step in moving forward in any relationship. Julie Orlov shows an excellence in teaching, explaining, and sharing that is down to earth, very real, and comforting based on her 25+ years experience.”
Mike Farmer, President, MNSA Channels
“The Pathway To Love is an outstanding guide to building strong and intimate relationships in your life.”
Rhonda Kendle, Spokane, WA

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